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Demand for nurses in Australia

Like many other developed countries, there is a shortage of skilled/trained nurses in Australia. While the steps have been taken to address this problem, the results are far from being satisfactory. Nurses are not readily available in Australian marketplace and this had led to the need of recruiting nurses from overseas, who are educated and trained as per the Australian standards and can meet the requirements of practicing in Australia.

Australian Nursing Federation had predicted in 2002 that the shortage of Nursing in Australia will be approximately 31,0000 by the end of year 2005. There has been a steady decline in Patient Nurse ratio in Australia in the last decade and the gap is widening. To fill this gap, there have been various efforts from the Government to encourage the local residents to take up the profession but the demand for the Nurses has constantly proved too much to fulfil from the local market. In such a scenerio, there is a great opportunity for the overseas Nurses to come and work in Australia.

Australia today attracts Nurses who can meet the registration requirements from all around the world. A careful ananlysis of the marketplace by Sapanta Suggests that India is increasingly seen as a ready source of skilled/trained/qualified Nurses, which is likely to expand in the future as employers overcome some initial uncertainties about skills and concerns about whether the cultural 'style' fits with an Australian workplace. Sapanta has already worked hard on this aspect and has won accolades from various organizations in the form of various offers and acceptances unassociated with an Indian organization hitherto.

Today, through greater awareness, the nurses realize that once other equirements are met, there are excellent career opportunities for the nurses to practice in Australia. Sapanta helps nurses achieve those goals through the utilization of its extensive research and placement facility.

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